CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Systems traditionally are software applications developed as a tool to help businesses manage existing customers and prospects. It provides a complete suite of modules to manage communications, sales activities, marketing and customer service.

The overall goal of a CRM implementation is to enable proactive management of existing clients and also nurture the process of prospecting and winning new clients.
CRM has evolved to become more of a strategy rather than just a piece of software.The software is the enabler of processess and resources to let you effectively manage and communicate with your customers.

A successful CRM implementation should see your processes, employees and technology working together delivering the ‘client management strategy’.

Bungalow Design can assist you with a new or an existing CRM implementation. Bungalow Design can offer you the following services.

  • Business Gap Analysis
  • Solution Review
  • Poject Management
  • Implementation
  • Review (Full Review Report and Recommendation)
  • User Training

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